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The First Drummer


  • Education Workshops

  • Private Parties

  • Motivational Speaking

  • Corporate Team Building

  • Healing & Music Therapy

  • Drumming For Yoga

  • Charity Events



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Circular Motion is a drumming workshop that has been created by award winning master drummer Kevin Richard Hotte.


Kevin began playing drums in 1967. Circular Motion is many things to many people but it centers around five main fundamentals - drums, personal discovery, personal expression, spiritual growth and having FUN! 



1. Circular Motion - Discovery 

   (a fixed cirriculum)

2. Drumming To Heal

   (a fixed cirriculum)

3. Drumming For Diabetes

   (charity & awareness event)

4. Drumming For Hunger

   (charity & awareness event)

6. Drumming For Yoga


Free yourself from yourself.

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